It was 1971…

“I fell in love with the 1956 Ford Truck when I was in my pre-teens back in the early 1960s and always wanted one. Friends of my family had a son that was older than me and built model cars. He did one of the ’56 lowered and customized a little and I was hooked.

On January 17, 1971 while out looking at cars with my Father-in-law, I ended up buying the truck of my dreams. My son was 13 months old at the time. That May we took a road trip to Seattle (see picture of Tan truck) to visit my In-Laws. It was used as a daily driver, work truck and everything from camping trips (see red truck c. 1975) to taking the jet skis to the beach (see blue truck c. 1979)

Both my son and my daughter have grown up their entire lives with the truck and it holds a lot of memories for all of us.

From the beginning, I had ideas about what I wanted to ultimately do with it. However, work, family and life in general kept those ideas on the back burner. In the late 80s I was in the process of adding headers and had sent the radiator out to be re-done when things got busy for me and there it sat until 2008 when I had to move it. That spurred me to make it the way I always wanted it and so began a 3-1/2 year project. A complete frame up restoration was commenced. 

The truck is fitted with a Heidt’s front suspension and coil over triangulated 4-bar rear suspension. The wheel base was lengthened 4-1/2 inches and rear fenders widened 2-1/4 inches. There are many subtle custom touches to the body including rounded door corners. It is powered by a big block Ford FE with Shelby intake and Edelbrock aluminum heads. The transmission is a Tremec 5 speed manual sending the power to a Ford 9 inch rear with eaton true track differential and 3:50 Strange gears. Paint and body work was performed by Bill Anderson of Hot Rod Alley. “

-Jim Buster


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