From Cow Pasture to Car Show

“When I found my 1930 Plymouth it was literally, sitting in a cow pasture being used for target practice.  This was in August 1966.  It was in very rough shape and I needed many parts and in those days, it was long before the internet.  Thus I went to countless antique car swap meets, and wrote many a letters looking for parts all over the country.

While I did start working on it after getting it, going to college, then joining the Navy and being overseas, there wasn’t too much I could do for a while, except look for parts.  Then, with a young family, the project was again on the back shelf, but still I would look for parts, get a few things re-chromed along the way, etc.  Then in the mid 1980’s was able to get it painted, started putting the pieces together and then the upholstery done.  The first time of really using the car was for my Son’s wedding in 2003.   The only show I’ve had the car in is the Rods and Roses, first time in 2010.”

Clyde Freeman