A New Tradition

I was born September 14, 1968 at the main Dodge Plant in Hamtramck Michigan and I am pretty much the same now as I was then. I’m powered by a 318cid V8 engine that leaves a drop of oil here and there. Mounted on my motor is a 2 barrel Carter carburetor. I’ve got a 3-speed automatic transmission that feeds into a 2.76 ratio rear axle. I am painted with Monotone Burgundy Metallic paint which I must admit has been touched up over the years. Inside, my seats are covered with luxurious white vinyl with the rest of the interior being red.   Most of the time when I go out I like to put my white convertible top down.

From Michigan I went to Northern California where I have lived most of my life. My new owners have just recently relocated me to sunny Southern California. Because I am a native Californian I still ordain my original black and yellow license plates.

I am looking forward to my first trip to Carpinteria and the Rods and Roses Car Show. My owners visit Carpinteria often because they enjoy the small town atmosphere along with the city amenities it offers. You can browse the small shops on Linden Street and grab a cheese burger for lunch at The Spot, then relax at the beach before eating chili fried rice sitting in a pagoda in the Siam Elephant Thai restaurant for dinner. If you need groceries and supplies for your campsite you can take a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up what you need, there is even an electric bus to tour the town in. My youngest owner who’s 5 loves riding her bike to the “Train Park” where she plays in the canoe, rides the dolphin, goes down the roller slide and crosses the bridge to look at the Eagles nest all with the occasional run to the fence to watch the trains go by. I am hoping to make Rods and Roses apart of that tradition.

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