Substance, Character, and Power…

As a young kid, living in Los Angeles, I was always into cars.  I swore to myself I will someday own a Lamborghini Countach.  Well, I lied to myself.  I started collecting cars and it’s like Coke vs Pepsi and Ferrari won.  I love Ferrari’s then found a passion for Porsche, McLaren and Mercedes.  I don’t know how to turn wrench’s, adjust timing, align things, I know how to modify for looks and modify for speed, then pay to have it done.  I have done this with many super cars.

 Then, two years ago, I wanted something with substance, character, and power……. I wanted to build something where I can take it up any mountain, then drive it to any four star restaurant.  With that in mind, enters the 1970 uncut Bronco. 

 I searched for the perfect Bronco and found the 1970 in Long Beach.  Had no engine and no interior, but a pretty straight body/frame.  I bring this to my friend Fabian in Chatsworth and said, “I want an ICON Bronco, but I want my spin on it”.  With that said, Fabian started working on it and I picked out every piece and part of this bronco.  Not knowing this would be a 2 year complete frame off everything new restoration.  I knew we needed power, so, replaced the 6 Cylinder with a 500HP Coyote Crate engine.  I knew I wanted to beat this thing up, so we got Dana 44/60 Axles. Needed to stop, Brembo 6 piston fronts, 4 piston rear with 20’ HRE Wheels. Corvette Seats, full power, Diamond Stitched, LED Aircraft lighting, etc.

 After waiting 2 years for this, I couldn’t be happier.  Building an old classic car is difficult, takes time, but the payoff is way worth it.

Steve Garfield

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