Too Hot To Handle!

In the Winter of 1956 the original owner of this car, an old family friend, surprised his wife with a new ’56 Pontiac. It wasn’t too long afterwards that the Burbank police surprised HIM when they showed up at his door to confiscate it! Seems he’d bought a “hot” car!

The old friends needed another car right away and, since they only lived a couple of blocks from the local Chevy dealer, they went over to shop. In those days, if you remember, you ordered a car exactly as you wanted it and it was specially built. Well, every car on the lot was spoken for except one. Your’re looking at it! A 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe.

This is exactly the way it appeared that day. Every major component is original. The odometer has never been touched, and indicates actual mileage,  49,000.

  • Don Kent

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