As we count down the days to the 2018 Rods and Roses car show, we wanted to share with you the story of Joe and Kim’s Jeepster. Be on the look out for this special vehicle at the show on June 30th!

“Well it wasn’t too long after Kimberlee said, “Yes” to my marriage proposal, she confided in me that although she liked old cars, she wasn’t into the old cars that I had as a collection. (I had a series of 46-48 Chevy Sedan Deliveries on the beachside of the RR tracks in Carp, known to locals as “Dogtown”).

Kim and Her CarKim, as a California girl liked convertibles, and myself being from New Jersey didn’t really care for convertibles due to any rain leaks and the bitter cold temperatures. At that time Kim had a Jeep Cherokee, and enjoyed the Jeep Life associated with ownership. Thus, when the classified ad in SB News Press listed a 1950 Jeepster for sale, I had to see what this “Jeepster thing” was all about, located nearby in the Montecito hills.

A deal was struck for the purchase of the Jeepster, and plans were in the works to surprise my bride-to-be with her new convertible. (‘New’ being the term to be used for ‘new’ to her!) The Jeepster was in-semi drivable condition, needing a whole bunch of TLC in order get it in shape to be a SURPRISE. Within a month, working on the car in my spare time, the day came to deliver her wedding present.


“Oh My God!!!” Kim’s proclamation was one of surprise and delight. Just what she appreciated in a car. Still a long way from being Concourse condition, it was drivable. Yes, it was used as our wedding car when we were married at Casa Dorinda in 1990, where we both worked at the time…the residents being our extended family.

Jeepster in Santa YnezCurrently, 28 years married, and many adventures enjoyed in the Jeepster over that course of time. The Jeepster has been coast to coast, receiving current drive train upgrades here in California, with body and interior work completed in New Jersey.
Our driving pleasure continues to rev-up regularly, with car shows, and picnic cruises to watch the sunset, happening often in our routine.

What the Jeepster has become: 1950 Willys – with a 327 engine – 350 Turbo Transmission – Mercury cougar rear – Jim Myers custom built Mustang II front end. (Custom in a way that retained the original stance of the Willys Jeepster, not lower). GMC Sierra (full power) seats – Weatherguard flooring.

WHAT DAT front grilleThe Carpinteria area is the perfect setting for Kim to enjoy her car, and you’ll see her often tooling around town in “What Dat”, as the license plates reveals the question most asked when the Jeepster is out and about.”


4 thoughts on “REALLY???!!!! A JEEPSTER!!!

  1. Herman Pfauter says:

    Hi Jenny:
    I have 2 Jeepsters, a 1948 and a 1949 – a 6-cylinder in original condition. The 1948 has now a 4-cylinder engine with automatic transmission from a 1972 Post Office Jeep, a DJ 5 Dispatcher.

    Maybe I’ll see your Jeepster at Rods&Roses?

    Herman Pfauter


    • Jenny Cota says:

      Hi Herman! While I wish I could claim this great Jeepster as my own, it belongs to Joe and Kim! They have participated for a few years now along with their son, Wes.

      Herman, we are always happy to see your Jeepsters at the show as well! Thank you for your continued participation and see you at the show!


  2. John Avalos says:

    Great story! Have always thought that the Jeepster was a special collectible. Better yet is the fact that is “ her” Jeepster. My wife enjoys “her” 40 Ford pick up, which will be at rods and roses as well!


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