The story of my ride.

After finishing my retirement project of 8 ½ years which was bringing a BASKET CASE 1957 Corvette to TOP FLIGHT status.  I decided to pursue my long time dream of building my own hot-rod and to my liking.  A dream I have had since high school.

Restoring an “NCRS” Corvette, per someone else’s guidelines, was fun but not ‘my cup of tea’.  One can view my Corvette at:

I started looking for my project car on the internet and found a candidate approx. 1,000 miles away.  Needless to say, Patti was NOT fond of going that far to purchase a piece of junk so she got on her laptop and within an hour found my DREAM project right next door.  I guess I was using all the wrong search engines……….

I could NOT drive to Solvang fast enough to purchase my newly found jewel.

The dream build began October 2008 and I departed with the 1957 Corvette in November 2009.  The Corvette found a new home in Nice, France and is “living the life of Riley”.

I proceeded to build my dream hot-rod in my two car garage.  I can PROUDLY say that I have done all the work myself.  Of course I could have never been able to do it without the internet.  I learned so much from so many great ‘gear heads’ and their advise and guidance was God send.  They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words”.  One can follow my entire 6 ½ year project by viewing my web page.  There are six folders listed- to get the most out of the display, view the pictures on SLIDE SHOW and FULL SCREEN and you will get the rock and roll music which adds ‘icing to the cake.’

Building my dream hot-rod was one heck of a ride.  Glad to have gotten the urge out of my system and I can tell you I could NEVER do this for a living, “I would starve to death”.  Had to do many things more than three times and still NOT get it a 100% perfect.  I have a LOT of respect for these builders/restorers.  They are true craftsman.


Mike Noguera

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