’54 Commander Starlight Coupe

This is my  54 Commander Starlight Coupe. It has 53 grill bars, 55 tail lights and GT trim and dash, Porsche 924 bucket seats, front clip and A/C. 1964 Stude 289 engine bored out to 302, hot cam, headwork, dual side draft Weber carbs, 700R4 trans.
Purchased in 1999 in Martinez CA, where it sat outside unused for 17 years. It took two years to restore. I did the mechanics, bodywork and paint.
The pictures show work on the manifold on the mock up engine and then the finished manifold in the car. The picture from the rear shows how I like to paint all openings before I paint the car.
For more pictures and videos, follow the links below. Enjoy!

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