Rolling in this week!

IMG_1030Rick Swanson: The truck was built at the GM South Gate plant in Los Angeles.  It has been in our family for 23 years.  Purchased by my father in Camarillo, it originally had a 283 V8 with a three speed manual transmission.  The transmission was replaced with a 350 automatic when my father lost his right foot to cancer.  The truck came to me in 2000 prior to my father’s passing.

Dash3 2018Since then it has been upgraded substantially to include power steering; four wheel power Wilwood disc brakes; new air conditioning; new wiring; new wheels; new interior (including bucket seats); and most recently, a rebuilt 348 Tri-Power V8 and posi-traction rear end.  We are members of the Ventura County Chevys.


Robin Evans: I’ve had my car since 1982, second owner, bought it from my friends grandmother, who bought it new. It used to have a six cylinder with 3 on the tree, upgraded to a 350/350 and power steering. Still have the original sticker showing the options, Two-toned paint and tinted windshield, that’s all, no radio, pretty basic.unnamed-3

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