Special Guests from Down Undah

My wife and myself are celebrating milestone birthdays this year the 24th June and 7th July (my 60th and Nicoles 50th) to celebrate, we are coming to the USA for a reward for ten years of hard work.

We are car enthusiasts from a small fishing town (Guilderton) on the West Coast of Australia approx 95k’s north of Perth. Here we run a general store 7 days per week 364 days a year. We need to be in San Fransisco by July 2nd with a bit of research we discovered your Rods and Roses car show and parade which melded perfectly with our plans.

The Coupe pictured is a 1973 Holden Monaro GTS running SBC 350 coupled to turbo 400 and nine inch diff. The car has been modified as was the case back then with the addition of 77 model HX bonnet, guards and rear end.

This car has had a pretty checked past being stolen, smashed both rear and front, put down the strip at 12.79 at 104.9mph, now she is retired to enjoy her latter days cruising the roads.

Regards Nicole and Eric

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