On July 25th, We’re going virtual!

For the last 23 years, Rods & Roses has hosted a free car show for the community to come together, talk about cars, and enjoy each others company. This is a tradition we just weren’t ready to give up!

Because of COVID-19, Rods and Roses will host its first ever virtual car show on July 25th 2020.

To participate, submit a video of your car (a phone video will do just fine!) through the application page on www.rodsnroses.com.  We will compile all of your videos into a compilation and premiere the video live on Youtube on July 25th. To watch the show, check our Facebook and Blog in the coming weeks for a link to subscribe t our YouTube channel. 

Two cars will win one of our coveted custom trophies. One selected by the Rods and Roses committee and the other selected by premiere sponsor, Michael Armand Hammer and the Armand Hammer Foundation. We are looking forward to this first ever virtual Rods and Roses car show with you! 

Gearing Up!


We are gearing up for a fantastic show June 29th! Take a peek at this all Ford built by Norm Francis in El Cahone you will see on Linden Ave . Details of the car include all Leather Cerello  bucket seats, power windows, AC,Heat , 351 winsor, C4 trans,9” rear and it’s a driver.

Special Guests from Down Undah

My wife and myself are celebrating milestone birthdays this year the 24th June and 7th July (my 60th and Nicoles 50th) to celebrate, we are coming to the USA for a reward for ten years of hard work.

We are car enthusiasts from a small fishing town (Guilderton) on the West Coast of Australia approx 95k’s north of Perth. Here we run a general store 7 days per week 364 days a year. We need to be in San Fransisco by July 2nd with a bit of research we discovered your Rods and Roses car show and parade which melded perfectly with our plans.

The Coupe pictured is a 1973 Holden Monaro GTS running SBC 350 coupled to turbo 400 and nine inch diff. The car has been modified as was the case back then with the addition of 77 model HX bonnet, guards and rear end.

This car has had a pretty checked past being stolen, smashed both rear and front, put down the strip at 12.79 at 104.9mph, now she is retired to enjoy her latter days cruising the roads.

Regards Nicole and Eric

Rolling in this week!

IMG_1030Rick Swanson: The truck was built at the GM South Gate plant in Los Angeles.  It has been in our family for 23 years.  Purchased by my father in Camarillo, it originally had a 283 V8 with a three speed manual transmission.  The transmission was replaced with a 350 automatic when my father lost his right foot to cancer.  The truck came to me in 2000 prior to my father’s passing.

Dash3 2018Since then it has been upgraded substantially to include power steering; four wheel power Wilwood disc brakes; new air conditioning; new wiring; new wheels; new interior (including bucket seats); and most recently, a rebuilt 348 Tri-Power V8 and posi-traction rear end.  We are members of the Ventura County Chevys.


Robin Evans: I’ve had my car since 1982, second owner, bought it from my friends grandmother, who bought it new. It used to have a six cylinder with 3 on the tree, upgraded to a 350/350 and power steering. Still have the original sticker showing the options, Two-toned paint and tinted windshield, that’s all, no radio, pretty basic.unnamed-3

’54 Commander Starlight Coupe

This is my  54 Commander Starlight Coupe. It has 53 grill bars, 55 tail lights and GT trim and dash, Porsche 924 bucket seats, front clip and A/C. 1964 Stude 289 engine bored out to 302, hot cam, headwork, dual side draft Weber carbs, 700R4 trans.
Purchased in 1999 in Martinez CA, where it sat outside unused for 17 years. It took two years to restore. I did the mechanics, bodywork and paint.
The pictures show work on the manifold on the mock up engine and then the finished manifold in the car. The picture from the rear shows how I like to paint all openings before I paint the car.
For more pictures and videos, follow the links below. Enjoy!

’06-1926 Locomobile Roadster

Bill Swanson wanted the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after reading the book by Ian Fleming.  Unfortunately, it was not for sale. So, Mr. Swanson was determined to build his own.

This car started it’s life in Los Angeles and sold at the Dealership of Ralph Hamlin.  The car, a Roadster,  was driven to Santa Barbara and was quite the attraction.  When Locomobile closed its doors in 1929, the owner of the ‘26 Locomobile decided he would donate it to the Santa Barbara Junior High since he could no longer get parts!

The school shop removed the body and placed the chassis in the auto shop.  There it was used to display mechanical functions and teach students clutch and gear shifting, the driveshaft was disconnected.

After 1949, the engine was disassembled by students to teach various components.

unnamed-1In 1952, the car was acquired by Robert Dowdin in exchange for several modern engines.  Mr. Dowdin stored the car outside the shop unprotected until purchased by Bill Swanson in 1974 for $150.00.  I have a record of every part purchased for this car from 1974 to 2003.

The car was finally finished with the body of a 1906 Locomobile (The Famous Locomobile #16 that won the Vanderbilt Cup) and registered May 5 1993.

Please enjoy this amazing Automobile

Dana Newquist


The story of my ride.

After finishing my retirement project of 8 ½ years which was bringing a BASKET CASE 1957 Corvette to TOP FLIGHT status.  I decided to pursue my long time dream of building my own hot-rod and to my liking.  A dream I have had since high school.

Restoring an “NCRS” Corvette, per someone else’s guidelines, was fun but not ‘my cup of tea’.  One can view my Corvette at:

I started looking for my project car on the internet and found a candidate approx. 1,000 miles away.  Needless to say, Patti was NOT fond of going that far to purchase a piece of junk so she got on her laptop and within an hour found my DREAM project right next door.  I guess I was using all the wrong search engines……….

I could NOT drive to Solvang fast enough to purchase my newly found jewel.

The dream build began October 2008 and I departed with the 1957 Corvette in November 2009.  The Corvette found a new home in Nice, France and is “living the life of Riley”.

I proceeded to build my dream hot-rod in my two car garage.  I can PROUDLY say that I have done all the work myself.  Of course I could have never been able to do it without the internet.  I learned so much from so many great ‘gear heads’ and their advise and guidance was God send.  They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words”.  One can follow my entire 6 ½ year project by viewing my web page.  There are six folders listed- to get the most out of the display, view the pictures on SLIDE SHOW and FULL SCREEN and you will get the rock and roll music which adds ‘icing to the cake.’

Building my dream hot-rod was one heck of a ride.  Glad to have gotten the urge out of my system and I can tell you I could NEVER do this for a living, “I would starve to death”.  Had to do many things more than three times and still NOT get it a 100% perfect.  I have a LOT of respect for these builders/restorers.  They are true craftsman.


Mike Noguera

A Few For the Road

Just over a month away! We are looking forward to seeing these beauties at the show on June 30th. Happy viewing!

Ray & Terry Seider; unnamedI found My car, a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, 12 years ago in Oregon and brought it home with only 55,000 original miles on it. Someone had painted the car flat black. I sold the car to a friend in Texas to add to his very large car collection   He had the body removed and had the original color applied as you see here. I bought the car back this past January with only 56,000 miles. Love 💕 the car.

unnamed-1John Carrillo; 50 golden anniversary 1968 c10 short bed. This truck is a little unusual, normally in this color the interior came a yellow and white bench seat , this truck was special order with BLACK buddy bucket seats, in dash tachometer and anniversary gold and white paint and a 350 cu.in. EngineSince Then an LS 5.3 connected to an 6L80 transmission and 12 bolts Eaton posi-traction  were added. The truck was lowered 4-6 with the help Early Classic Suspension and Restoration.  It’s been a pleasure to rescue and drive.


Jack Cole; The car is a 1971 Buick Riviera Boat Tail, I bought the car about a year ago, the paint job is a Candy Apple Red,  House  of Kolors paint, the engine is a 455 motor, 400 trans, a/c, pwr windows etc. I have changed a few things but the car is mostly original. The car is driven on weekends only, because I work part time. I enjoy the car because its very comfortable, also I take it to car shows like the one you have in Carp so Senior folks like my self can live their memories with other people.



As we count down the days to the 2018 Rods and Roses car show, we wanted to share with you the story of Joe and Kim’s Jeepster. Be on the look out for this special vehicle at the show on June 30th!

“Well it wasn’t too long after Kimberlee said, “Yes” to my marriage proposal, she confided in me that although she liked old cars, she wasn’t into the old cars that I had as a collection. (I had a series of 46-48 Chevy Sedan Deliveries on the beachside of the RR tracks in Carp, known to locals as “Dogtown”).

Kim and Her CarKim, as a California girl liked convertibles, and myself being from New Jersey didn’t really care for convertibles due to any rain leaks and the bitter cold temperatures. At that time Kim had a Jeep Cherokee, and enjoyed the Jeep Life associated with ownership. Thus, when the classified ad in SB News Press listed a 1950 Jeepster for sale, I had to see what this “Jeepster thing” was all about, located nearby in the Montecito hills.

A deal was struck for the purchase of the Jeepster, and plans were in the works to surprise my bride-to-be with her new convertible. (‘New’ being the term to be used for ‘new’ to her!) The Jeepster was in-semi drivable condition, needing a whole bunch of TLC in order get it in shape to be a SURPRISE. Within a month, working on the car in my spare time, the day came to deliver her wedding present.


“Oh My God!!!” Kim’s proclamation was one of surprise and delight. Just what she appreciated in a car. Still a long way from being Concourse condition, it was drivable. Yes, it was used as our wedding car when we were married at Casa Dorinda in 1990, where we both worked at the time…the residents being our extended family.

Jeepster in Santa YnezCurrently, 28 years married, and many adventures enjoyed in the Jeepster over that course of time. The Jeepster has been coast to coast, receiving current drive train upgrades here in California, with body and interior work completed in New Jersey.
Our driving pleasure continues to rev-up regularly, with car shows, and picnic cruises to watch the sunset, happening often in our routine.

What the Jeepster has become: 1950 Willys – with a 327 engine – 350 Turbo Transmission – Mercury cougar rear – Jim Myers custom built Mustang II front end. (Custom in a way that retained the original stance of the Willys Jeepster, not lower). GMC Sierra (full power) seats – Weatherguard flooring.

WHAT DAT front grilleThe Carpinteria area is the perfect setting for Kim to enjoy her car, and you’ll see her often tooling around town in “What Dat”, as the license plates reveals the question most asked when the Jeepster is out and about.”